Body Meeting Recap – Oct 27, 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out in the rain to our first Body Meeting of the quarter! If you want to see the presentation from the meeting you can find it here: Body Meeting Presentation. To recap what we went over:

  1. Benefits of Being in Psi Chi
    • Build a community of fellow high-achieving students
    • Find academic and research opportunities
    • Annual Research Conference in the spring
    • Graduating Seniors: get cords to wear at graduation and pad your resume
  2. Psi Chi Requirements
    • Attend one (1) event and one (1) fundraiser (which may be replaced with an event) each quarter
    • If you satisfy these requirements you will be considered ‘active’ for the quarter
    • If you are active for three (3) quarters you are eligible for a cord at graduation
  3. Events and Fundraisers Coming Up
    • Woodstock’s Fundraiser: November 15 – more details to come!
      • You can order in person or delivery, just say you’re with Psi Chi
      • The more people we get the higher percentage that comes back to Psi Chi, so spread the word!
    • Research Workshop – are you interested in how to get into research in a lab or with a professor? We’re here to help.
    • Finals Week Study Session – come study with Psi Chi and get set for finals week with scantrons, pencils, coffee, and food!

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