Current Officers



President: Kathleen Phan

Hi my name is Kathleen! I am a 4th year, Cognitive Science and Biology double major. I’ve worked in Dr. Ray Gibb’s lab, studying multi-modal perception and embodiment cognition. I personally research motor mimesis theory, with regards to embodied simulation and sound! I am also in the process of applying to medical school and I will be graduating in Spring! For the future, I hope to be able to combine my passion for helping others with my interest in cognitive psychology and the hard sciences! When I am not in school, I love running, baking, and sleeping (I’ll be honest).  If you see me in the lab or around campus, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Andrew's picture.jpg

Vice-President: Andrew Rocha 

Andrew Rocha is a senior at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Andrew’s passion for psychology can be traced back to his interests with human behavior as a child. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Andrew works as an intern with the United Way, and works part-time on campus. During his spare time, Andrew likes to run, read, and spend time with family.  His ultimate goal is to become an Industrial Organizational Psychologist to help employees thrive in the workplace, ultimately helping both people and organizations reach success. 


Dylan pic.jpg

Treasurer: Dylan Louth


Hello my name is Dylan. I am a senior at UCSC studying intensive psychology with a minor in education. I have worked in Dr. Gibbs lab, researching embodied cognition through humor and conceptual metaphors. Personally, I study gesture production as it relates to the learning and cognitive processes of an individual. My goal is to make a career out of academia in educational psychology, and to be able to contribute to our understanding of the mind. While not focusing on my studies, I enjoy dancing, fantasy novels and travelling.


Secretary: Madison Holdredge

 Hi, I’m Madison! I am a fourth year Intensive Psychology student with an Education minor. I am currently a research assistant in Dr. Benjamin Storm’s lab where we study retrieval-induced forgetting in human memory and cognition. After graduation, I plan on attending graduate school to pursue a Master’s in School Psychology. However, I hope to eventually receive my Ph.D and become a children’s clinical psychologist. In my studies, I am most interested in examining cross-cultural contexts, rather than relying simply on a Western/Eurocentric way of thinking. Along with  being an officer in Psi Chi and a research assistant, I am also a residential assistant in Porter College. In my free time I enjoy reading memoirs, drinking too much coffee, and destroying the patriarchy. I hope to get the chance to connect with you all soon!

Publicity Officer: Holly Pike

Hi! I’m Holly, a fourth year Cognitive Science and Computer Science double major. I came to UCSC always planning to study psychology, but spent time on other electives and found that I really loved problem solving, which sparked my interest in using technology as a tool in psychological research. Currently, I’m using machine learning algorithms to analyze lie detection data, and I have an internship working with Merrill College. In my free time I like to completely forget about my school stress while hiking, kayaking, or reading anything other than a textbook. I’m planning to continue on to graduate school, but so far my professional interests are exceptionally broad. I look forward to meeting you all as Publicity Officer, so say hey if you see me on campus!


2016-2017 Officers:

  • President: Kathleen Phan
  • Vice President: Andrew Rocha
  • Treasurer: Melissa Newton
  • Secretary: Madison Holdredge
  • Publicity Officer: Holly Pike

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