Appeals Process

If you have received more than 1 C in a psychology course and/or do not meet the GPA requirement, you may fill out an appeals application. To appeal a student MUST:

1. Meet all other Psi Chi, UCSC requirements (refer to Psi Chi, UCSC Application).
2. Fill out the full Psi Chi Member Application and Registration Card.
3. Provide unofficial transcripts from ALL colleges attended
4. Available teacher evaluations, preferably for the courses with a C.
5. ½-1 page, typed statement explaining why you believe you would be a contributing member of Psi Chi, despite having obtained more than 1 C and/or have a low GPA. In the top left corner please put your Name, Year, GPA, Courses with a grade of C, and Email Address.
6. Membership fee of $80 ($55 headquarters + $25 chapter) made out to Psi Chi.
Note: Please place appeals statement at the front of the application.

All scholarship applications must be turned in with a complete Psi Chi, UCSC application on the posted application due date of the standard application, to the Psi Chi dropbox* in Social Sciences 2 

*The drop box is located on the south wall of the second floor next to the Psi Chi Announcement Board and between classrooms 165 and 167.

Appeals applications will be reviewed by Psi Chi officers and applicants will be notified of whether or not their appeal is accepted.

Please address all questions to Psi Chi at



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