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WPA Conference

The WPA Conference is at the Hyatt Regency near the San Francisco Airport-Burlingame from April 26th-29th. Registration fees can be found here: It is rarely in California, especially this close.

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The Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology


Submit to The Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology by April 21st, 2012.

The Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology (YRURP) welcomes submissions by undergraduates of their original research articles, literature reviews, and other scientific writing in the field of psychology. Our journal staff, in conjunction with graduate and faculty advisors, is prepared to review submissions in the following areas:

*neuroscience (including behavioral and animal)
*clinical psychology
*cognitive psychology/ cognitive science
*developmental psychology
*social & personality psychology

Submissions in other areas related to psychology (for example: educational psychology, psychology and the law, and so on) will also be considered.
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (For complete guidelines, to be read BEFORE submitting, please visit You may also email the editors with questions at

Author eligibility
The lead author must have conducted her or his research while an undergraduate (or equivalent) student at an accredited college or university anywhere in the world. Additional authors may be graduate students or faculty.

Submission requirements

Research may be of either an empirical nature or more theoretical, as in a literature review. The work presented must be original, unpublished, and the author’s own. The work must have been conducted under a faculty supervisor, either independently (outside the curriculum), or for a course. Where applicable, studies must be ethics committee-approved.

Format and length

The Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology will consider three
main types of submissions:

1) Theoretical/Literature Review: approx 20-30 pages

This type of submission may (a) give perspectives on current problems, issues, or new developments in the field of psychology; (b) review and synthesize literature in the field of psychology, and/or (c) present new/emergent theoretical frameworks in the field of psychology. Senior theses and comprehensive projects would be appropriate submissions in this category.

2) Empirical Research Paper: approx 10-20 pages

This type of submission should follow the classic format of an APA-style empirical
psychology journal article, with an abstract as well as introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections.

3) Short Report: approx 5-10 pages

This type of submission is expected to present new and innovative empirical research in a concise format.

Page numbers are flexible and other types of submissions will be considered, provided that they are APA formatted. Clear, parsimonious writing is expected in all cases.

Submissions must be formatted as Microsoft Word documents (.doc) and according to the guidelines of the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Submission process: How do I submit?

Please visit for complete submission guidelines and instructions.
Questions? Email the Editors at

We anticipate your submissions!
Ah Joo Shin and JohnMark Taylor
The Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology;

More information:
YRURP Poster (3)

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